Arbres de Noel Hadley

Hadley Christmas Trees

Lachute, Quebec

Arbres de Noel Hadley

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Special Events - Les evenements special


Over the years we have been asked to help out some interesting productions. Have a look at the photos below.

Give us a call if you think we can be of help with your production!

Lincoln Automobiles. In October 2015, Lincoln was filming for an advertisement in Harrington, Quebec. One of the shots was to be a convenience store somewhere in USA, selling Christmas Trees. They rented the depanneur in Kilmar, and changed its appearance. We were hired by a Montreal production firm to set up the tree lot. We took some 60 trees, along with the Howey  baler and many of our own Christmas decorations. All in all was great fun! (We have not seen the video, I believe it will come out near Christmas this year. 2016)


This company provides some unique party items, including a hot air balloon, which carries your letter to Santa; and snow colouring powder, for making neat patterns in the snow. They shot footage for 2 videos at the farm in October 2015.

First was the snow colouring product, which, of course, needs snow. No problem, they brought a truckload of snow with them!

Next was the letter to Santa video, which was done at night. The inside video was done in our Christmas shop, you can see the barn through the window. Then it was outside to send the balloon off to Santa!

We sold both products in the shop in 2015. The balloon was very popular, but unfortunately there was not a bit of snow during the tree season, so sales of the snow colouring were not very good)